About CareerConnect

Career Exploration Connecting
Students and Businesses

Today’s students face a lot of important decisions about their futures. And there’s no better way to evaluate your education choices, chosen career field or future plans than to experience different careers firsthand. CareerConnect is Lancaster County’s only local resource for students looking to link up with local businesses for career exploration opportunities, like job shadowing, mentorships, internships and more. Click on the links below to learn more about opportunities available to help you chart a course for your future today.

For teachers seeking creative ways to take their classroom lessons into the world of work, CareerConnect is the ideal local resource. Whether you teach at the primary, secondary or post-secondary level, you’ll discover career exploration opportunities – from in-class presentations to company tours – available at Lancaster County businesses to help compliment your curriculum. Plus, you can coordinate these experiences yourself or just encourage your students to take advantage of the opportunities available through CareerConnect.

Today’s students represent tomorrow’s workforce. To ensure tomorrow’s employees possess the skills and a sound understanding of employers’ expectations, now is the time for you to play an active role in shaping young peoples’ lives. Through CareerConnect, you can commit to and promote career exploration opportunities you’re willing provide Lancaster County students at your business. Signing up is convenient and simple. Participating is rewarding and good for your community.