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Today’s students face a lot of important decisions about their futures. And there’s no better way to evaluate your education choices, chosen career field or future plans than to experience different careers firsthand.  CareerConnect is Lancaster County’s only local resource for students looking to link up with local businesses for career exploration opportunities, like job shadowing, mentorships,
internships and more.

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  • Advertising / Marketing / Media

    Sample Occupations Include: Creative Director, Account Manager, Web Designer, News Analyst, Publicist

  • Agriculture

    Sample Occupations Include: Farmer, Park Ranger, Conservationist, Horticultural Specialist, Food Science Technician

  • Art / Entertainment / Recreation

    Sample Occupations Include: Sound Engineering Technician, Makeup Artist, Producer/Director, Travel Guide, Umpire/Referee

  • Business / Professional Services

    Sample Occupations Include: Legal Secretary, Tax Preparer, Surveyor, Database Administrator, Architect

  • Community / Civic Organizations

    Sample Occupations Include: Library Technician, Fundraising Specialist, Partnership Coordinator, Outreach Specialist, Social Worker

  • Community Service

    Volunteering is the perfect way to feel connected to your community. The simple act of offering your skills and enthusiasm will positively impact the lives of others, as well as your own. The intent of volunteerism is to both generate and harness the community’s desire to assist in the overall improvement of the quality of life for everyone - but the powerful force behind volunteering is the social change that is made through the inspiration of people to make a difference to help those in need.

  • Computers / Technology / Telecommunications

    Sample Occupations Include: Web Developers, Graphic Designer, Information Research, Video/Film Editor, Equipment Installer

  • Education

    Sample Occupations Include: Teacher, Professor, Principal, Student Accounts Director, Budget Analyst

  • Employment / Staffing Services

    Sample Occupations Include: Recruiter, Support Specialist, Staffing Specialist, Payroll Specialist, Bilingual Recruiter

  • Event Planning / Venues

    Sample Occupations Include: Banquet Manager, Audio/Lighting Designer, Crew Coordinator, Event Manager, Wedding Coordinator

  • Finance / Insurance

    Sample Occupations Include: Insurance Underwriter, Actuary, Financial Clerk, Statistical Assistant, Insurance Agent

  • Government

    Sample Occupations Include: Urban/Regional Planner, Police Officer/Detective, Postal Clerk, Game Warden, Probation Officer

  • Healthcare / Wellness

    Sample Occupations Include: Dental Assistant, Medical Secretary, Occupational Therapy Aide, Nurse Practitioner, Dietician

  • Home / Garden

    Sample Occupations Include: Landscape Architect, Turf/Plant Care Specialist, Scheduling Coordinator, Pest Control Specialist, Greenhouse Coordinator

  • Industrial / Manufacturing / Distribution

    Sample Occupations Include: Production/Operator, Logistics Coordinator, Project Manager, Shop Operations, Product Analyst

  • Lodging / Travel

    Sample Occupations Include: Resort Desk Clerk, Recreation Worker, Cruise Ship Director, Concierge, Tour Guide

  • Maintenance / Repairs / Installation

    Sample Occupations Include: Maintenance Mechanic, Plumber, Electrician, Service Technician, Client Relations

  • Personal Services

    Sample Occupations Include: Interior Designer, Massage Therapist, Funeral Director, Handyman, Hair Stylist

  • Pets / Veterinary

    Sample Occupations Include: Veterinarian Technician, Animal Therapist, Kennel Coordinator, Dog Trainer, Aquarist

  • Real Estate / Construction

    Sample Occupations Include: Estimator, Real Estate Agent, Safety Director, Commerical Realty Broker, Construction Worker

  • Religious Organizations

    Sample Occupations Include: Clergy, Business Manager, Choir Director, Director of Religious Education, Groundskeeper

  • Restaurants/Food/Beverages

    Sample Occupations Include: Food Service, Manager Chef , Pastry Chef, Caterer, Vending Sales

  • Retail

    Sample Occupations Include: Salesperson, Market Manager, Florist, Delivery Person, Jeweler

  • Transportation

    Sample Occupations Include: Driver, Auto Sales, Vehicle Maintenance, Logistics Manager, Traffic Control

  • Utilities/Environmental

    Sample Occupations Include: Environmental Consultant, Solar Design/Installation, Environmental Compliance, Utility Worker, Waste Management

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